Cyclopentasiloxane: Is it Good or Bad for Your Skin?

Cyclopentasiloxane: Is it Good or Bad for Your Skin?One of the core ingredients in Kollagen Intensiv is cyclopentasiloxane, or CPS. The long, chemical-sounding name of this ingredient can cause concern for a lot of people.  That is why we decided to take a moment to describe exactly what cyclopentasiloxane is and why it is included in Kollagen Intensiv.


CPS is a type of silicon which is commonly used in hair and skin products.  Silicon, as you may know, is a natural chemical.  About ¼ of the earth’s crust is made from silicon, making it the second most-common element on earth after oxygen!  The silicon which is used for beauty products is made from specially-mined sands. There are a lot of different types of silicon.  The silicon in Kollagen Intensiv, for example, is a lot different than the silicon which you would use to caulk your bathroom.  CPS specifically differs from other silicon types because it has a ring structure with 5 silicon molecules in it.  This structure makes CPS dissolve quickly, leaving behind a nice shine on your skin.


In Kollagen Intensiv, CPS plays many different roles.  It helps bind the other ingredients together, provides a silky shine to skin appearance, lubricates skin, and helps retain water while still allowing skin to breath.  However, the main reason that cyclopentasiloxane has been included in Kollagen Intensiv is because it fills in wrinkles.


Cyclopentasiloxane: Is it Good or Bad for Your Skin?The volatile structure of CPS allows it to quickly get absorbed by skin cells.  Once absorbed, it will cause skin cells to expand.  All of those shrunken, dehydrated skin cells (i.e. wrinkles and fine lines) will plump up.  Unfortunately, these results are not going to be permanent.  If you stop applying CPS, then the cells will dehydrate again and the wrinkles will reappear.  However, CPS is very fast-acting which makes it one of the best choices for reducing wrinkles and fine lines.  A lot of women like to apply Kollagen Intensiv right before going out on a date because it will help soften the appearance of skin and smooth out all of those lines.


There has been some controversy about the safety of cyclopentasiloxane in Kollagen Intensiv.  CPS is harmful to the environment and this can be a major concern for green-minded people.  However, repeated studies show that CPS is NOT harmful to people.  In fact, cyclopentasiloxine may even help protect skin.  In one study entitled “Effective sunscreen ingredients and cutaneous irritation in patients with rosacea” by Doctor Nichols, it was found that CPS helps prevent skin irritation.  The moisturizing properties of the CPS in Kollagen Intensiv can also help protect the skin from damage and keep skin looking young and healthy.  When you combine CPS with all the other ingredients of Kollagen Intensiv, you are getting a very powerful formula which gives quick results and sustains these results over the long run.